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Jewish Wellness

As a Jewish coach and yoga teacher, I love to combine yoga, meditation, positive psychology and other mindfulness practices with Jewish traditions in order to create new, meaningful rituals. This page will highlight upcoming workshops, events, classes or activities designed with a Jew(ish) participant in mind.

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Free Webinar: Exploring Personal Freedom with Passover as a Guide

April 12, 2022

During Passover, Jewish people relive the story of our ancestors being liberated from slavery in Egypt. Mitzrayim, the Hebrew name for Egypt, can be translated to mean "constriction" or "the narrow place." As free individuals in modern society, we can explore a symbolic Mitzrayim. In this presentation, Amanda Davidowitz will invite you to explore how and where you feel constricted and to appreciate and create meaningful intentions for the freedom you possess. This interactive workshop will incorporate (gentle and accessible) yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussion.


Shabbat Yoga - 2nd Saturdays

Ongoing, Monthly

Shabbat Yoga in Portland, OR. Check out my Yoga page for more details. Classes usually take place on 2nd Saturdays at Burning Spirits Yoga Studio. This gentle yoga class is an opportunity to deepen your Shabbat practice by creating intentional space to pause your busy schedule, turn inward, and simply appreciate being alive.

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Jewish Yoga Playlists


Follow Inspired Heart Wellness on Spotify for music playlists themed to the Jewish months. Playlists make great accompaniment for yoga practice or as a fun, simple way to explore and stay connected to the Jewish calendar.

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Jewish Content - YouTube


Follow my Jewish content YouTube playlist to find recordings from past Jewish workshops, classes or other offerings.

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TischPDX Fellowship


I am thrilled to be a TischPDX Fellow beginning in August 2021. TischPDX ( is an emerging Jewish leadership incubator located in Portland, OR. TischPDX works to bolster the leadership of young and marginalized Jews and is an incubator of new Jewish ideas and Jewish spiritual creativity on Portland’s East Side.