Amanda Davidowitz

Amanda combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation with the modern science of positive psychology to offer her special blend of mindfulness and coaching services. She will guide you to tap into your inner truth in order to become your best self and live an inspired, meaningful life. As a perpetual spiritual seeker, yoga nerd and self-improvement enthusiast she is on this journey with you and is thrilled to share with you what she has learned along the way. Amanda is a 200hr certified yoga instructor through the renowned Kripalu School of Yoga, a Yoga for All certified instructor, and currently enrolled in the Wholebeing Institute’s Certificate in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching programs.

Inspired Heart Wellness is a body positive and LGBTQ safe zone - come as you are!


My Coaching Story

I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. I have always been drawn to difficult questions about the source of the universe and conversations about the meaning of life. In addition to being a seeker and questioner, I have also been a “striver” - striving for excellence in academia, success in career, in navigating the material world, and always looking for external validation. In my constant state of seeking and striving I never managed to settle into happiness and satisfaction for long. Throughout my teens and twenties I vacillated between courageous decisions based on self love and fear-based decisions based on external expectations. In beautiful moments of self awareness I pursued an undergrad degree and early career in theater, I left a relationship that wasn’t serving me, I moved across the country and pursued a Master's Degree in something completely new, I lived at Kripalu Center for a month and became a certified yoga instructor. In moments of fear and with the sneaky motivation of “should” I have stayed in relationships that weren’t serving me for too long, accepted “practical” office jobs that weren’t meaningful, avoided teaching yoga, and fed the materialism machine to appear successful and happy to others. 

In my mid-twenties, while exploring a career change, I worked with an incredible life coach. Together we identified a list of my top values; adding clarity and language for me to express and understand who I am. A few months after working with her the list became forgotten, tucked away in a folder and into a desk drawer. Ten years later, I took myself on a solo retreat to a cabin in the woods. I brought with me my old journals and notebooks filled with years of self-exploration and contemplation. While I was there, I happened to lead myself through a value identification exercise motivated by a desire to “find myself” and understand what I am living for. Afterwards, I happened upon the exercise from ten years prior - long forgotten - and realized to my astonishment that the lists were practically the same! It was a profound moment of clarity. “Oh silly me” I thought, “It turns out I know who I am!” For years I had been seeking and striving to “find myself” only to realize later that I knew who I was the entire time. 

Throughout life our relationships and experiences shape who we are and we go through periods of change and (hopefully) positive growth along the way. However, at our core we are all individuals with unique values, strengths, and personality traits. These core elements shape how we experience relationships and guide the way we interact with the world. Once I realized this, I shifted from asking “Who am I?” to “How can I show up as my best self?” and “How can I make decisions that are aligned with my core values and strengths?” I stopped the striving and leaned into mindfully savoring. This is a powerful way to show up in the world. Since this discovery I have found it easier to let go of external expectations, feel gratitude and find meaning in everyday actions and experiences, and to show up for meaningful connection with others in ways that are uniquely “me.”

This discovery and shift also allowed me to step fully into my role as a teacher and coach. I know how I am. I value connection, community, harmony, kindness, optimism and curiosity. My natural strengths include empathy, leadership, honesty, social intelligence and love of learning. I genuinely believe that you too have the ability to live an intentional, authentic, and meaningful life. I believe you can do this by identifying your values and strengths, setting goals and creating habits that align with your values, and exploring the mental roadblocks and stories that are holding you back. Let me help you to let go of all of the “shoulds” and instead aim to achieve your wildest dreams. I can’t wait to be your cheerleader, accountability guide, and motivator along the way.